The Importance of a Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile makes a great first impression. It is one of the key reasons people are perceived as attractive, successful or youthful.

Misaligned, badly shaped, gapped, crooked or discoloured teeth, on the other hand, may not only look unattractive and unhealthy but literally drag the face down. This in turn affects a person’s overall appearance.

A flawed smile can also be one of the most ageing features of the face and contribute to health problems such as snoring, jaw pain and chronic headaches.

Your Smile Facelift in one visit

A One Visit Smile Lift at Designer Smiles® – with no injections no pain and minimal discomfort will give you the smile you’ve dreamed of. And, effectively, a facelift. This improves quality of life as well as addressing dental and aesthetic needs.

Smile transformations are performed by Dr Sarkis Nalbandian, an aesthetic reconstructive dentist, whose philopsopy is to maintain the biology of the teeth (your natural teeth) as far as possible.

He does not believe in invasive restoration, where your natural tooth structure would effectively be destroyed to make way for “improvements” (unless the condition of a tooth leaves no alternative).

Sarkis is always conscious of the fact that excessive intervention on a tooth can lead to longterm dental health issues. His diagnostic techniques also rule out unnecessary – and so unnecessarily expensive – procedures. This conservative approach maintains and beautifies at the same time.

Why your smile ages

Teeth primarily hold the facial bones in place. As we get older or lose teeth, the jawbone is less supportive and the face sinks, contributing to an older appearance.

They may result in uneven lips and reduced lip support, which in turn contributes to deep grooves between the nose and mouth corners, known as nasolabial folds.

People nowadays will spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on dermal filler injections to counteract these hallmarks of ageing. Yet, in many cases, they are not addressing the real problem – the structure of the smile.

Maintaining a healthy, attractive smile becomes increasingly challenging, especially after age 35. However, aesthetic and functional solutions are available into a person’s 80s and beyond.

Your Smile Make Over Options

Today’s cosmetic dentistry techniques enable more people to benefit from a more aesthetically pleasing smile. While Dr Nalbandian is a world class and sought-after aesthetic reconstructive dentist, his ethos is to make smile transformations financially accessible. Also, that it is important to be aware of all available options when seeking advice – not the most invasive or expensive.

Using veneers, for example, will give better lip and cheek support, fill out the top lip and enhance facial expression.

There are also several options available to improve the colour and shape of the teeth, remodel the shape of the smile, close gaps and to improve the gum line.

How Your New Smile Journey Begins

Composite veneers are applied. The procedure does not require cutting a sound tooth structure. This can be used on people of all ages and the effect is immediate.

It is non-invasive and relatively inexpensive because there are no laboratory fees, but the improvement is dramatic.

The evolution of composite materials today, with enhanced bonding to tooth structure, has increased the dentist’s ability to control aesthetics in his own practice with predictable success and with no laboratory cost.

The selection of composite materials offers a variety of shades and opacities of enamel and are used to achieve natural colour and aesthetics in a relatively short, simple and predictable manner.

Most cases are accomplished in one visit with minimal tooth intervention, no local anaesthetic and with reduced cost to you.

Can you benefit?

The technique can be applied to patients of all ages and the results can be astounding. Our patients appreciate the one visit procedure and the immediate aesthetic improvement.

Using direct composite veneers will keep our patients smiling for a long time. Direct composites allow us to plan for the future and make appropriate changes if and when required. Why? Because a smile is a fashion statement and fashion changes over time!

How Long Does It Take?

The whole procedure takes about 3-5 hours.

Who will create my new smile?

Who will create my new smile?

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