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Full teeth dental impant supported bridgework

Full Teeth Implant Supported Bridgework

Our goal at Designer Smiles is to maintain biology as much as possible in our treatment of patients. The importance of careful planning in our thorough diagnostic process involves meticulous assessment of every tooth in the mouth, bone level and gum health home care by the patient. Unless the patient is able to continue the home care, we generally refuse to provide any extensive dental implant therapy. Those patients who have regular dental recare assessment and cleanings(prohylaxis) have the least problems. We would like to maintain as much sound natural teeth as possible to prolong your natural teeth.

Patient requiring full teeth implant supported bridgework

It is not the implant, it is the final superstructure that fits the face and complements patient’s dentofacial aesthetics. However, there is a strong belief that fixed implant prostheses meet with greater patient acceptance and satisfaction.

Fixed maxillary (upper jaw) prosthesis designs are associated with significant improvements in comfort and retention, function, aesthetics and appearance, taste, speech and self-esteem. They restore lip form, smile line, comfort, function and aesthetics.

Patients want teeth and to be able to eat, taste, talk, smile and not just an implant, which is a titanium screw bolted to the jaw (in a crued format). The dental community is increasingly moving towards non-metallic based restorations. The implant dentistry and its prosthetic applications have been at the forefront of these technological changes.

Engineering at its best. We allow a tolerance of 30-40μm in the mouth. The thickness of hair is 100 μm! Aesthetics at its best: as it is difficult to tell the transition line between the bridgework gums and pink tissues. Dentistry is a combination of art and science.

Dental implant supported full bridgework

A systematic review in 2004 that reported a 5-year bridge survival rate of 95.4% and a 10-year survival rate of 93%, with no complications in 61% of patients. The reported complications were bridge fracture, screw loosening, veneer fracture and implant fracture [Pjetursson BE, Tan K, Lang NP, Brägger U, Egger M, Zwahlen M. A systematic review of the survival and complication rates of fixed partial dentures (FPDs) after an observation period of at least 5 years. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2004;15(6):625-42 Review].

It’s important to also have regular check-ups at with us to keep your teeth and oral health – and all the benefits they bring – in tip top condition.

It is important to us that patients always walk out of our surgery with teeth in their mouth. Taking care of you is very important to us and we want you to feel comfortable during any ongoing treatment.

Thank you for taking the time to understand the technologies and techniques I use. I hope this gives you an idea of what I can do for you if you are having difficulty and need help, because there is always hope.

Dr. Sarkis Nalbandian
Visiting Professor YSMU
Specialist Prosthodontist & Implant Surgeon
B.D.S. (Hons), Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants) Uni Syd, M. Clin. Dent (Prosth) King’s College, Uni London
D. Clin. Dent (Prosth) Uni Syd, FRACDS, MRACD (Prosth) FIADE, FPFA

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