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Here at designer smiles we have the top of the range surgery and equipment so that we can see everyone from when you get your first tooth, throughout your whole life in comfort, aiming to leave

You with a smile on your face every visit.

Having a check-up appointment every 6 months ensures that any problems can be detected early, before pain commences and can be treated minimally before significant damage is caused.

And, we don’t just look at teeth, having a professionalcleaner is usually essential in order to keep gums healthy and prevent gum disease. On top of this we also perform an oral cancer screen on every visit which is a cancer which usually doesn’t cause any notable symptoms until the late stages.

With microscopes in every surgery, we hold the key to be as accurate as

Possible with every filling, root canal filling and crown needed, giving the greatest longevity and looking the best it can be at all times. TV’s built into the surgery ceilings mean you can watch your favorite shows or catch up on the sport while having your treatment, and sedation is available for you if you feel very nervous. We also provide orthodontic treatment for all ages, including clear braces.  


Dr John Farrington-Breeze

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (UK)
Postgraduate Certificate in General Dentistry (UK)
Bachelor of Sciences (UK)

After graduating from England John immediately set out on completing a Postgraduate Certificate in General Dentistry while practicing as a family dentist on the South coast. After this his love of the outdoors brought him to Sydney, he joined Designer Smiles with pleasure after witnessing the great ethos, and patient satisfaction within the practice.

Passionate about all aspects of general dentistry John enjoys treating patients of all ages from the very young to the elderly, recognizing the different needs for the whole family. Focused on prevention of the natural dentition while aiming to achieve the best aesthetics, John provides minimal intervention dentistry in order to provide patients with the smile they desire with the lowest risk of future complications.  



Attending regular dental hygiene appointments help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Not regularly visiting your dentist or hygienist can result in a number of issues, most notably gum disease. Known professionally as periodontal disease, poor dental maintenance allows plaque to build up in your mouth, plaque which soon hardens to form tartar, whichinflames and irritates your gums, damaging bones and ligaments around your mouth.


Fissure Sealants

Fissures Sealants are thin tooth colored coverings of the back teeth, like a varnish, which help to prevent decay on the biting surfaces where sticky foods and plaque can get trapped. We recommend them for most children when their molars erupt, and adults that are at risk of getting decay in previously unrestoredteeth.




Decay starts off in a tooth as being small and under the surface of the enamel, usually on the biting surface that may be seen as a dark shadow, or between the teeth, which can only be detected by x-rays. Decay will only cause symptoms when it is large enough to affect the nerves within the middle of the tooth, therefore it is very important to diagnose decay at an early stage so that a simple filling can be placed without causing long term damage or death of the tooth.

Silver fillings are a thing of the past and now the majority of fillings can be completed using toothcolored composite resin filling material without any discomfort.



Nearly everyone is able to whiten their natural teeth. There are 2 ways to professionally whiten your teeth:

1) Take-home whitening: we provide you with custom whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly and the whitening gel, and you wear the trays with the gel in for 30-60 minutes a day. You will notice after a few days that the teeth had lightened and 2 weeks areusually long enough to get to your desired color.

2) In-chair whiting: come and have your teeth whitened all within 1 hour in the luxury of the Designer Smiles chairs with the latest Opalescence BOOST whitening gel.


Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy needs to be completed if decay is large enough to reach the nerves of the tooth, or after trauma. You may have symptoms including pain, swelling, sensitivity to hot and cold, pain on biting,discoloration of the tooth. But sometimes there are no symptoms at all.

Using the latest technology and rotary endodontic instruments the root canal is cleaned and filled, usually over 2 visits, and just like a feeling this would be completed under local anesthetic, making the process painless.

After root canal therapy a tooth can become very brittle, which is why a crown is recommended for all back teeth that have had this completed, to prevent tooth fracture.



A crown (or a ‘cap’) is usually placed on a tooth to prevent the tooth from breaking in the future, if too little tooth is remaining to place a simple filling, or to improve its appearance. Therefore, it is recommended for teeth with large fillings or have had root canal in the past. Crowns are made over 2 appointments where the tooth is prepared for the crown in the 1st appointment and the crown is fitted in the 2nd after it has been fabricated by our local dental lab which we work with closely. Crowns can either be made of metal or porcelain. Ask your dentist which one is right for you.

A bridge is a way to replace missing teeth where there are teeth still either side of the gap. Usually crowns are placed on the teeth on one or both sides with a false tooth attached between.



Dentures are a way to replace single or multiple missing teeth when implants are not possible. They can be made of metal or acrylic.


We always try to save your natural tooth if at all possible, but in many cases when the tooth becomes un-restorable, we have no option but to remove the tooth to prevent pain and infection. With the use of local anesthetic a tooth can be removed painlessly, and then we can replace the tooth once it has gone.


Here at Designer Smiles we want everyone to be comfortable during all treatment that we provide.Therefore, if you are anxious about coming to the dentist, or about a particular procedure, we provide ‘Happy Gas’ (or inhalation sedation) to let you feel relaxed while we get the work done for you.


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