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A smile lift that gives you a facelift in one visit!

Your smile can be your best asset or a big drawback. Beautiful, even, white teeth that enhance your whole face will make you appear more youthful, successful and attractive.

Crooked, crowded, worn or discoloured teeth, or a gummy smile, on the other hand, can make you look older and even unhealthy. Your smile is also one of the features quickest to age.

Teeth contribute to holding your facial bones in place. As you get older or lose teeth, your jawbone becomes less supportive and your face "sinks", leading to an aged appearance.

The One Visit Smile Lift at Designer Smiles, in Cremorne on Sydney’s lower North Shore, was created by myself, Dr Sarkis Nalbandian. I am an aesthetic reconstructive dentist.

Happy patient after a one visit smile lift

I use a number of cosmetic dentistry options to create the beautiful, natural-looking smile you've always wanted - in just hours, without injections and without pain.

I believes in a conservative approach, with as little disruption to your natural teeth as possible. I know destroying the natural tooth structure is almost always unnecessary - and expensive - and will lead to bigger dental and overall health problems.

When you call us, we immediately begin to assess your concerns and help you understand all available options.

Common One Visit Smile Lift procedures

I will work closely with you to create the smile that best suits your face. You will find I have many options to offer as part of a One Visit Smile Lift including:

Happy patient after a one visit smile lift

Another amazing benefit of the One Visit Smile Lift – apart from giving you whiter, more even, dazzling teeth! - is that the treatment gives for your lips and face more support, and softens the naso-labial folds between the nose and mouth corners, making you look younger and fresher overall.

These folds are a prominent characteristic of the ageing face, and can make you look sunken, even haggard, and certainly older than your years.

Many people spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on dermal filler injections to plump up naso-labial folds. A One Visit Smile Lift will do it naturally – while giving you a stunning new smile.

One visit, that's all it takes! The whole procedure last between 3-5 hours, all on site at Designer Smiles. No hassle - and it's painless.

Call us or fill in the form to find out how we can help change your life.

Video: Worn Teeth and Failing Crowns Fixed in One Visit

Thank you for taking the time to explore this information and the patient's story. I hope this gives you an idea of what I can do for you if you are having difficulty and need help, because there is always hope.

Dr. Sarkis Nalbandian
Registered Specialist
Prosthodontist & Implant Surgeon
B.D.S. (Hons), Dip. Clin. Dent. (Oral Implants) Uni Syd, M. Clin. Dent (Prosth) King’s College, Uni London
D. Clin. Dent (Prosth) Uni Syd, FRACDS, MRACD (Prosth)

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