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Thank you for visiting us. This is a unique, continually growing, educational site especially designed by Dr Sarkis Nalbandian to inform both you and referring dentists about the latest advances in Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry.

This website is for our patients, by our patients. All the work completed is by Dr Sarkis Nalbandian and we graciously thank our patients for the opportunity to treat them.

We use the word aesthetic instead of cosmetic because in our practice, we try to imitate nature (bio-mimesis) and rebuild your oral health to achieve dentofacial rejuvination. We don’t just fix your teeth, gums, and place implants. We build your face.

We also look after your whole family’s dental needs.
We believe that educating you is paramount. It is imperative that you

understand the work you are having carried out, and it is our commitment that we ensure you are informed along every step of our journey together.
Patients like yourself do not ask for an implant, but they ask to have a fixed tooth replacement, to chew and smile.

The latest advances in dental implant technology have immensely improved, restoring single missing teeth to full edentulous mouths: improving your comfort, function and aesthetics. We are always surprised when our patients comment “after these implant teeth, I can bite an apple and smile for the first time!”

One Visit Smile Lift developed at Designer Smiles Dental Centre Sydney, helps you, the busy person, achieve your desired smile in just One Visit. This is accomplished with no discomfort and minimal intervention dentistry, confirming our preference for careful treatment planning which allows us to conserve tooth structure and create beautiful smiles.

Our multidisciplinary postgraduate training and qualifications at world class universities means we can treat you for a whole range of dental problems in a single location. We also coordinate your treatments with referring dentists and specialists.

Often the expressions quoted by our patients “I should have done this, years ago” and “the best thing I ever did for myself”” have become synonymous in our practice here in Cremorne.

Sarkis has been in dentistry for over 25 years now and his view is that “Knowledge is important but information alone is not knowledge. However combined knowledge and experience is everything”.

We hope that with our experience and expertise, we can show you similar cases of successful treatment outcomes so you can understand your own treatment procedure.

Naturally, we cannot always control biology, but we can help you by formulating the best treatment plan for you.

Our team of highly experienced staff and clinicians welcome you to our Practice.

All material contained in this website is the exclusive intellectual property of Designer Smiles®. This includes all case study notes and photographs available through the generous permission of patients.


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